You wouldn’t ask LeBron James to spend his time manning the Cleveland Cavaliers ticket window.

Paperwork, credentialing and career management. It’s out of control and costing you money.

No one expects to see LeBron James at the ticket window selling tickets to his games. He gets paid to play basketball. So why are you still spending 49.2 percent of your time on medical paperwork? According to Bruce Y. Lee, Forbes contributing writer for business, health care and public health, the amount of paperwork that doctors process is out of control and isn’t getting better any time soon. Lee attributes this to four key issues surrounding providers.

1. Providers aren’t only patient-facing.

With more pressures to cut costs, meet regulations and transition to EHRs, providers interact more than ever with lawyers, insurance companies, healthcare administrations and credentialing agencies who constantly require provider information. This leads to excessive paper processing, less time with patients and possible career dissatisfaction and burnout.

2. Required paperwork isn’t designed to help providers and often makes processing it cumbersome and time-consuming.

Lee states that the people designing the forms haven’t had to fill them out which results in forms that waste providers’ time and squash efficiency.

3. Doctors and other providers don’t get help with their medical paperwork.

Without the proper amount of clerical and administrative support, providers must comb through endless documents to make sure their credentials are up to date and their licenses are intact. This wastes time and ultimately leaves the provider with less patient face-time and less money.

4. The system hasn’t changed to accommodate doctors. And it needs to.

Improving workflow and implementing technologies that store and manage credentials, licenses and career data can help providers help themselves. Improved access to documents, secure storage, and all-in-one career management platforms can take the pain out of paperwork and get providers out of the ticket booth and back on the court.

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