Universal credentialing, just arrived.

We’ve integrated our existing platform with hashgraph technology to offer the market’s first ever decentralized credentialing solution. Our thousands of users will soon accumulate Intiva Token™ while navigating our platform, cutting out of pocket costs on everything from malpractice insurance to CME & CE courses.

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How TIVA™ is Disrupting Healthcare

We offer a completely free suite of administrative solutions for medical professionals, hospitals and medical groups all over the country. We’re already eliminating inefficiencies that cost the industry billions in productivity and resource allocation. Now we are completely redefining the costly process of credentialing, while pairing a token built exclusively for the various doctors and nurses in our network.

The Intiva Platform

We’ve integrated our existing platform with hashgraph technology to offer the market’s first ever decentralized credentialing solution.

Platform Features

Ready Doc™

Ready Doc™ completely redefines the medical credentialing process by creating a Hashgraph-based, self-auditing solution that will instantly verify a medical provider’s credentials—cutting months’ worth of processing time to a matter of seconds.

Continuing Education

We partner with industry leaders to offer a preeminent CME/CE library, including state required and MOC courses. Over 80% of our listings are free and users can track their progress from within our dashboard.


Connect enhances care team coordination, for free. Download patient records, send out a lab order, refer a physician, and find a patient’s primary care provider in minutes – all while staying HIPAA compliant.


Browse, filter, and find new opportunities in your field. Upload your CV and apply for openings with one click. Intiva Health will track your applications and help you manage the process to filter out the noise.

HIPAA Breach Insurance

We’ve partnered with Lloyd’s of London to bring an entire quote and binding service online. Intiva Health offers the market’s most affordable cyber insurance, starting at $250,000 in coverage for as little as $250.


Coming in fall of 2018, Intiva Health will offer streaming services for interactive on-demand content pertaining to CME courses and webinars, training, product, news, and promotional material.

Milestones & Roadmap

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  • 1/19
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Intiva Health wins 2018 Sandcastle Startup Challenge!

The Sandcastle Startup Challenge is a head-to-head bracket style venture challenge for blockchain-related technology startups. The challenge drew 137 competitors from 17 countries, specializing in cybersecurity, identity, infrastructure/mobility, payments and social impact. The entrants were narrowed down to 16 finalists who were invited to compete at the Annual Summit in Grand Cayman. Intiva captured the top prize by demonstrating how it is using technology to help medical professionals handle the process of credentialing more securely and efficiently.

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