Frequently Asked Questions

Hashgraph is another algorithm that uses DLT (distributed ledger technology). Hashgraph can harness the power of cloud computing without servers, but uses individual devices to store and transact the data within the network. There are two feature improvements from the blockchain framework that we like, and this is why we chose Hashgraph for our solution.

  • Gossip about gossip
  • Virtual Voting

The gossip about gossip mechanic helps our economy because it allows our platform to reach a consensus quicker than the blockchain format. The virtual voting aspect orders the transactions in a and secure system providing equal computing power to all the users within our network.

We have a created a network of licensed medical providers and hospital administration. The coins will be mined and circulated through the free application by completing tasks associated with managing their career.

Prior to the token sale, we are taking applications for people who would like to participate in our private sale.  Click here to apply for the whitelist.

For details on the amount of tokens being sold, as well as the token distribution, please click here.

Currently TIVA™ is not listed on any exchange.

Yes, there is a minimum amount but no maximum amount.  The minimum amounts are as follows. The company reserves the right to limit the maximum amount for one Person.

Private Sale – $50,000

Pre-Sale – $5,000

Sale – $1,000

They are different. TIVA™ is a token. ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, is the term given to Bitcoin or other altcoins during a token launch.

Coins are an asset that store a value, while tokens are able to store complex values generated through Smart Contract system they are built on. Tokens have Property, Utility, Income and Rewards,  and Fungible (meaning that it can be raised for one purpose but used for a different purpose).

Tokens sales are for specific ecosystems. They can also be called Utility Tokens. The purpose of token generation events or token distribution events are like selling digital coupons so when the product is released they are able to use those tokens to benefit the product. An ICO is to give the coin a value so that it may be exchanged for an equivalent value, or buy/sell/ trade like it is a stock.

The thing that sets TIVA™ apart from other token launches is that we are not raising money to build our platform. We already have a fully developed ecosystem. We are launching our token in order to tokenize our platform economy.

It is a token that provides users with access to  products or services within the platform. The users gain additional coins by completing actions within the platform. Some of the actions that TIVA are used for:
  • Purchase goods and services on the Intiva Health Platform (like continuing medical education courses, malpractice insurance, and medical devices
  • Unlocking special benefits for discounts and promotions
  • Facility and Medical Groups access to recruit new providers
An accredited investor is a natural individual, bank, insurance company, broker or trust. These entities can have a high enough income, net worth, or assets, to be seen as experienced enough to reduce the amount of protection they need from the SEC to purchase securities.